Trauma Touch Healing is a safe, highly successful, holistic PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) treatment based on the understanding that trauma trapped in the body will lead to mental processes that can result in physical and mental diseases. Alternatively, by releasing trauma from the body the establishment of positive mental processes will lead to physical healing and mental well-being!

In order to understand energy healing better, we must also understand all the aspects of the human body. We are not merely a physical body. In fact, we have 5 bodies. One physical and four energetic bodies that are connected to and support the physical body. Each body is also adversely affected by traumatic events. The five bodies are: Physical, Etheric (Astral), Emotional, Mental and Soul Body.

If we understand the above, then treating just the physical body (symptomatic treating) will not clear the trauma from the energy bodies or from the cells and tissues of the physical body. We must always go to the root cause to properly heal. No amount of talking will release it either. While psychotherapy gains us some mental balance from PTSD, trauma has to be energetically released to really heal. Modern science also informs us that unreleased trauma and chronic PTSD also begins to affect us at the quantum level of our being, including our DNA, which we then pass on to our offspring. It is, therefore, essential to take a broader, holistic approach to trauma/PTSD healing if we wish to thrive again!