Trauma Touch Healing or TTH is a form of touch therapy that enables clients to cope with the debilitating after-effects of trauma by releasing the trauma out of cells and tissue of the physical body, and releasing heavy, negative emotions out of the 4 energetic bodies, namely the Astral, Emotional, Mental and Soul Body.

How does it work?

When the body or mind experiences a traumatic situation, its natural defenses are unable to deal with the situation. In an effort to deal with the emotional pain, the mind tries to dissociate from the incident by burying it deep in the subconscious. However, the effects of numbing frequently inhibit the body/mind/spirit capability to experience positive sensations such as pleasure and joy. Numbing is only an anesthetic process, it does not remove the scars, and these keep festering beneath the surface.

How does TTH assist in the healing process?

TTH helps clients to slowly heal from the effects of trauma in a safe and supported environment. It is often used in combination with psychotherapy to enable clients to cope with their fears and slowly return to a normal form of functioning. The therapist uses the healing power to touch together with the awareness of sensations in the body to enable the client to realize and deal with feelings that may have been suppressed for years and is guided to slowly release these emotions from the body during TTH sessions.

How does TTH treat your unique needs?

TTH is designed to suit every client’s individual needs. The first session of therapy is devoted almost exclusively to the process of diagnosis. The therapist will assess your physical and emotional needs and design a plan of therapy to fulfill them. Another important aspect of trauma touch healing is that the client is always in full control of every facet of the treatment. This is why at every phase of the treatment you will be asked whether you are comfortable with the techniques being used. If you are not, the techniques will be adapted to suit your comfort zone.

What does a TTH session entail?

The therapeutic process is usually started with some awareness exercises. The client is asked to identify the areas of their body that need work and how they want the therapeutic process to be carried out. The therapeutic process may also involve non-touch or self-touch techniques if the patient is not comfortable with the idea of someone else touching his/her body. It is a therapy that is performed fully clothed.

What is the spiritual value of TTH?

This is probably its greatest value. Negative emotions form very dark, heavy densities in the energetic bodies. While they remain unreleased they can cause severe imbalances in the physical body, manifesting as illness, disease, and mental problems. While we continue to hold these negative emotions the body feels ‘stuck’ and ‘heavy’ and ‘depressed’ – common feelings for those with PTSD. When released, the body becomes light and joyful again – balance returns – the brain starts to separate from the trauma experiences and also begins its journey to healing and focus. TTH treatments allow negative emotions to release and disappear, and as the trauma is slowly reversed out of the body negative emotions are replaced by feelings of empowerment, love, joy and vitality! This is a miracle that can all be achieved naturally/organically without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.