We are looking for elite, experienced and passionate bodyworkers interested in learning  Trauma Touch Healing, a specialty modality specifically addressing PTSD issues by touch.

shutterstock_270110654-customTraining is threefold and requires a 3 hour a week commitment for 12 weeks to complete the required course for Certification.

  • Trauma Touch Healing (hands-on training and theory)
  • Trauma Intervention (techniques to prevent PTSD after trauma)
  • Emotional911 (treating shock trauma, new injuries, after-surgery trauma release)

Once Certification has been successfully completed the next part of training is clinical. This is where the Trauma Touch Healers will put their knowledge to practical use and treat a minimum of 3 chronic PTSD cases under the jurisdiction of an experienced Trauma Touch Healing Mentor.

Prerequisites we are looking for in candidates:

  • A fully trained bodyworker who has graduated from an accredited school. This could be a physician, nurse, acupuncturist, chiropractor, physical therapist or massage therapist.
  • Proven work experience (military candidates will have their active military work considered as work experience.
  • A strong passion to help those suffering from PTSD and trauma related problems.
  • A keen interest in learning about energy bodywork.

Anybody interested in applying for training, please send us the following information for consideration:



    Military experience?

    * If you have any questions regarding training, please call 1.888.888.3339 or leave a message with a call-back phone number. Thank you!