PTSD stands for ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.’ It is an insidious condition that often takes place after being the victim of a shocking overwhelming traumatic event, long-term abuse, military action, catastrophic physical injuries and intense emotional events to name a few. Anything that makes our body panic and go into a fight/flight/freeze response can leave us traumatized. The effects may be immediate or take time to surface, and can be felt for the rest of our lives. Unresolved and unreleased trauma quickly develops into the condition called PTSD.

PTSD means getting stuck in the memory of a life-threatening event. Our bodies and minds act like the event is still happening right now, even though it is in the past. We feel on guard, defensive, and hyper-aroused (geared up) or hopeless, paralyzed, and numb. We avoid things that remind us of the past and which trigger painful memories, and we isolate ourselves from others which limits our freedom. To block our unpleasant memories and feelings we sometimes turn to drugs and alcohol. We repeat past actions. We have panic attacks or go into jumpy ‘fight/flight’ mode, even when there is no real danger in the present. Our lives, health, and relationships with other people suffer, and we live constrained and limited by our past living in a world with a black or white perspective. Sometimes we take our pain out on others, or become self-destructive.

Unfortunately, trauma is usually not a wound that heals just by waiting for time to pass – commonly it gets worse over time, not better. And talking about it may not be enough to heal either. Sometimes talking about what happened can mean reliving what happened – therefore not helping except to re-traumatize a victim. When talking seems to go in circles or not lead to a sense of completion, it might be stirring things up, not healing them. We have learned and experienced that the only logical conclusion is that trauma must also be released from the body by a well-trained trauma touch specialist. This is the magical work of Trauma Touch Healing – a powerful, natural, safe, successful solution to real permanent healing from trauma and PTSD. Survivor to Thriver – that is where TTH leads!