shutterstock_270038441-customFor thousands of years we have sought to find a successful solution to healing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). After all this time Trauma Touch Healing (TTH) has finally achieved this, using the Body, Mind, Spirit paradigm.

Although war trauma was recognized thousands of years ago, the modern diagnosis of PTSD was only developed in the 1980’s as a result of the the American Psychiatric Association’s clinical documentation of the experiences and symptoms of Vietnam military survivors.

One of the pioneers of analyzing the effects of trauma is Dr Bessel van der Kolk who described the manifestations of traumatic ‘psychobiology’ by writing, “In an apparent attempt to compensate for chronic hyper-arousal, traumatized people seem to shut down…thus, people with chronic PTSD tend to suffer from numbing of responsiveness to the environment, punctuated by intermittent hyper-arousal in response to conditional traumatic stimuli” See his books: “Traumatic Stress”, (Guilford Press, New York, 1996), and “Psychological Trauma”, (American Psychiatric Press, 1987).

Another pioneer in understanding the mechanics of trauma is Peter Levine who described the physiological bases of PTSD in his book, “Waking the Tiger”, (North Atlantic Books, 1997). He suggests one reason for chronic pain, and other results of PTSD, is the heightened sympathetic nervous system support and activation that remains locked in the physiology long after the trauma.

An additional breakthrough related to trauma physiology was made by Candace Pert, author of “Molecules of Emotion”, (Simon & Shuster, New York, 1997). She discovered that neuropeptide action is responsible for conveying emotions to every cell of the body, where this emotional information then affects the activity of each cell.

The results of the findings of Van der Kolk, Levine, Pert and others have resulted in the mapping of PTSD and efforts have been made to offer more effective treatments, however there still remains plenty of room for alternative therapies.

In the 1990’s Chris Smith developed Trauma Touch Therapy after training in Hakomi Integrative Somatics. The TTT method integrates principles of bodywork and psychoanalysis to release trauma from the cells and tissue of the body without re-traumatizing a client.

Sharron Gleason, founder of Trauma Touch Healing (TTH), was a trauma survivor looking to heal from PTSD. She studied TTT with Chris Smith in 2008 and started a trauma practice the same year. Prior to 2008, she also studied Trauma Intervention to assist those overwhelmed by trauma within the first 20 minutes of a traumatic event, and worked as a volunteer to gain experience in this vital area. Here she discovered that by applying certain techniques directly after a person goes through a traumatic experience it is possible to intervene positively in the process usually resulting in PTSD.

In her practice, she has also discovered that physical injuries and surgeries that do not heal quickly or over a reasonable period of time, often have deeply negative emotions attached to them. When these emotions are released by touch, suddenly the injury makes a remarkable turn-around towards healing and health. Additionally, her studies and practice of the principles of eastern philosophy for over 40 years has also helped her gain a deep understanding of the 4 energy bodies and how they too get congested with heavy negative emotions with devastating effect after trauma. It is these heavy, negative emotions trapped in the energy bodies that eventually create diseases in the physical body, if not released.

Trauma Touch Healing (TTH), therefore, involves a combination of Trauma Touch Therapy for chronic PTSD, Trauma Intervention (preventing PTSD after trauma), Emotional 911 for shock trauma, and Release work for surgical traumas and injuries. Trauma Touch Healing releases negative emotions from not only the cells and tissue of the physical body but from all of the 4 energy bodies (Astral, Emotional, Mental, Soul) as well. TTH enables trauma to be successfully reversed out of the body in its entirety, releasing and clearing trauma at its root.

In October 2017 Sharron Gleason re-released her first book, “Secrets to Tame a Mystical Dragon” which describes in detail what TTH entails. It also reveals for the very first time in modern history the blueprint for how this unique technique is achieved, the Body, Mind, Spirit systems it employs, and the positive healing effects this therapy has on these multiple systems as trauma is naturally released from the body. She is currently working on her second book, explaining the secrets of energy healers, which will be released in 2018.