SerinityIt is interesting that before the release of trauma from the body virtually no therapy really works. If there has been injury to the body obviously it is the physician that must attend to you. The next step should be to talk to a trauma specialized psychotherapist to get some perspective and balance to the mind from the trauma experience. It is at this juncture that PTSD really starts to ‘kick in’ and since no trauma release is gained from a physician or a talk specialist, a survivor is forced to look at other possibilities.

The third step must be the release of trauma from the body. This is what TTH does. Once all the trauma has been carefully released, the body often still needs care for various problems. This is where it is best to get educated on all the natural alternative healers to assist you. It is a fact that until trauma has been released from the body practically no alternative healing methods really help or ‘stick’. It is also a fact, however, that once someone is trauma-free, there are so many amazing natural healers that can successfully assist you, and you will now find that suddenly their work has a positive, powerful healing effect, whereas before trauma releasing – it didn’t.


Alternative medicine no longer receives the skeptical looks it once did. It’s now not uncommon for conventional doctors to recommend alternative treatments to compliment western methods. Please click on a tab below to read about some of our natural alternative healer suggestions: