Donate….or one every 65 minutes! Each year in the USA 34,000 people commit suicide, about as many deaths as caused by homicide – about one death every 15 minutes.

One of the leading symptoms of PTSD is depression. Only talking about depression, and/or taking prescription drugs for depression is a temporary fix that will not be enough in the long-run as we can see by these frightening statistics. PTSD, caused by traumatic events out of our control must, ultimately, be released from the body to heal. This is essential to control the symptoms and recuperate. PTSD is a reversible condition using a therapist who is well trained and in possession of trauma touch healing skills of how to release trauma slowly and safely from the body .

We are distressed that so many PTSD sufferers do not have access to the proper mental healthcare due to:

  • Natural healers not being embraced by mainstream medicine
  • Most natural healers are not included in Medical Insurance programs
  • A general disregard and ignorance of alternative medicine solutions

This leaves our military vets with chronic PTSD particularly, in a very precarious mental health condition where options for recovery through mainstream avenues are minimal at best – so, unfortunately, it too often becomes their perception that suicide is the only way out. This is unacceptable to us! We hope it is unacceptable to you too.

Please help us raise the funds so that NO military veteran, who really wishes to heal from PTSD, is ever turned away for financial limitations. Thank you!