Sharron Gleason, CMT, TTT Founder

Sharron Gleason, CMT, TTT

OUR MISSION:   Firstly, to provide healing for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a safe, successful, natural and organic way. Secondly, we wish to also ensure that nobody is ever turned away for treatment because of  financial hardship. A third goal is training others in the TTH techniques so that this vital therapy enables more PTSD sufferers to recover over a wider area.

OUR MOTTO:     Nobody left behind.

Close to our hearts are our military men and women and their families who made a commitment to risk their lives to protect us and who deserve the highest honor and respect when returning home. Many suffering from PTSD are not doing very well in life and, as a result, their finances cannot support the intense treatments needed to heal and recover.

While we would expect that our military hospitals would be taking care of this – many are surprised to learn that they are not – especially for those who are retired or retired/disabled but who wish to integrate back into a non-military culture to become productive, working citizens again. These veterans find that they sometimes cannot find work or hold down a job due to PTSD related issues, plus there is the added unfortunate stigma attached to their mental health condition regarding prospective employers. Sadly, often these veterans eventually find themselves homeless and/or estranged from their families and loved ones who don’t know how to help them, especially with limited resources. This adds to their distress.

PTSD is an ugly, downward spiral which many do not see the way out of as we can see by the current number of tragic suicides. Frustratingly, these lives are needlessly lost since PTSD is a condition that is reversible. It is our strong feeling that this technique of healing PTSD must also be spread throughout the country and, hopefully, through better education of ALL healers we will encourage the development of a more advanced holistic approach to healing trauma – a treatment of the entire being, Body, Mind & Spirit. That is the key to comprehensive healing, and good health! That is the future.

History of Trauma Touch Healing